Prayer Ministry Outreaches

Spring outreaches as directed
Tags: Prayer / Cultural Exposure
Cost: $3,095.00

10 days in Mid-October to early November
outreaches as directed
Tags: Prayer / Cultural Exposure
Cost: TBA

Dates To be determined (Call for more info)
Tags: Prayer / Educational / Transforming
Cost: $3,895.00
(Read below School of Intercession for details)

Location: Philadelphia
Dates: Contact the AF office for class session dates.

Ambassadors Fellowship has designed a School of Intercession to train, develop, and establish an army of leaders in intercession. These leaders will establish prayer ministries locally, nationally, and internationally. These prayer groups will target areas of the world that are unreached and least reached in regards to the gospel.

Level 1
The School of Intercession will train and equip prayer students to:
1. Greatly increase in power and effectiveness in prayer.
2. Fight and overcome war in the spiritual realm.
3. Release others from spiritual bondages.
4. Train existing prayer groups.
5. Develop new intercessory groups locally and internationally.

Level II
The students will learn to lead prayer groups and develop a prayer ministry that will be powerful in advancing the kingdom of God through the world.

Students are required to participate in an International Intercessory Ministry Outreach before graduating.
The school has both full-time and part-time schedules.
For more information, contact the AF office.

Judah Intercessors International Global Ministry is a powerful prayer ministry and Ambassadors Fellowship, a broad range mission agency, have a close partnership. Judah assists AF in the development of its prayer ministry. AF assists Judah in its organization and expansion.

Individuals may belong to one organization and not to the other. At present, Judah's top leadership, especially full-time personnel, are required to belong to Ambassadors Fellowship.

Although Ambassadors Fellowship and Judah work closely together, Judah maintains its distinctiveness in focus and calling. Ambassadors Fellowship is also committed to assisting Judah in maintaining Judah's identity and focus.

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